Weak Kidneys & Acid-Alkaline Balance by David Briscoe

Weak Kidneys & Acid-Alkaline Balance by David Briscoe

Many people have “weak kidneys” but are unaware of it. To my knowledge, the condition of weak kidneys is not considered in modern urology. Weak kidneys allow some minerals to leak out that should be reabsorbed and sent back into the blood by the kidneys

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Every time we urinate we naturally excrete some minerals. This is part of the kidneys work. They decide what minerals to reabsorb and what minerals to excrete in order to constantly maintain a correct concentration of minerals in the blood and entire body. But when the kidneys get weak, they lose a little bit of their ability to properly filter the blood. And the kidneys have to filter the entire blood supply every 30 minutes. When they become weak from overworking for a variety of reasons, the begin to lose some of their healthy filtering ability.

One of the most common signs of weak kidneys is regular nighttime urination. If you have to get up once a night, even 2-3 nights per weak, to urinate after you have gone to sleep, you may be developing weak kidneys.
While we are sleeping is the time for the kidneys and all the organs to rest by the slowing down of their functions. It’s a time given to us by Nature to restore ourselves. If we have to get up at night, our body’s ability to restore itself is disturbed. It’s a sign that something needs to change in our lifestyle and dietary choices.

When we urinate more than is necessary, we lose some minerals that we need to remain alkaline.

If you are interested in learning more about the kidneys and how to take care of them, you may want to attend our live online class, Taking Care of Your Kidneys.

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