Process 10 Review – Counselor Training Program

February 10, 2016 Session B Process 10 Review

for Gretchen Weiland

Process 10 Reviews are now down online during our weekly group discussion.

Following are the documents submitted by Gretchen Weiland for Process 10 and which we will be referring to during the Online Process 10 Review on February 10, 2016 – Session B

The documents are available here for your learning benefit and for you to review before the online session
Since they are original writings of the student, they are not available for downloading and printing. Personal contact information of the client has been marked out.

Document 1:  Photo/Video Release Form

Document 2: Consultation Release Form

Document 3: Education Materials, Section 1

Document 4: Educational Materials, Section 2

Document 5: Consultation Questionnaire

Document 6: Diagnosis & Recommendations Form

Document 7: “About Your Macrobiotic Counselor”

Document 8: Pictures

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