Finding Social Support for Practicing Macrobiotics

Social support can be really helpful as you begin a macrobiotic practice. However, finding like-minded people in your own area can often be a challenge. Frequently, individuals are surprised to discover that there are other macrobiotic people in their area. There are various ways of finding out if any macrobiotic people are in your area. Following are some suggestions:

  1. If there is a local health food or natural foods store carrying macrobiotic foods, then this is usually a good sign that there are people interested in macrobiotics nearby.  If there is a message board in the store, post a notice that you for other people interested in macrobiotics. The same can be done at local restaurants and shopping malls.
  2. Consider putting a notice in the classified section of your newspaper.
  3. Contact us at Macrobiotics America and we will check our directories and contacts to see if there are macrobiotic activities in your area.
  4. Consider sponsoring a macrobiotic potluck in your area and inviting friends, co-workers and family members to attend. Use a menu out of a macrobiotic cookbook and assign a recipe to each person who will be coming

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    . You never know who might get interested.

  5. Sponsor a Macrobiotics America program in your area with David & Cynthia Briscoe to help bring an awareness of macrobiotics to your community. Many friends are made at these programs and they can plant seeds that blossom into a local macrobiotic community.
  6. Subscribe to Macrobiotics Today magazine published by The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation (1-800-232-2372) to receive bi-monthly information about macrobiotics and national/international activities and contacts.
  7. Attend the annual macrobiotic national events to meet people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world who are practicing macrobiotics, including single people, families, teens and children.   French Meadows Summer Camp (CA): 1-800-232-2372; Kushi Institute Wellness Conference (MA): 1-888-547-2663; Health Classic (CA): 1-800-769-0638.

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