Classic Macrobiotic Cooking DVDs Recipes

Printable Recipes for DVDs Classic Macrobiotic Cooking with Cynthia Briscoe

DVD #1
Short Brown Rice

DVD #2
Collard Greens
White Miso Dressing

DVD #3
Strawberry Kanten Dessert

DVD #4
Miso Soup
Pressed Salad

DVD #5
Kombu Powder
Pickles 1: Red Radishes in Ume Vinegar
Pickles 2: Daikon in Shoyu
Pickles 3: Sour Cabbage “Quick Kraut”

DVD #6
Azuki Beans and Squash

Menu Suggestions for the Recipes Demonstrated in the Videos:

Suggested Menu #1
Short Brown Rice
Miso Soup
Aduki Beans and Squash
Pressed Salad
Pickles: Daikon in Shoyu

Menu Suggestion #2
Short Brown Rice
Collard Greens
Pickles: Red Radish in Ume Vinegar

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