Become a Macrobiotic Counselor

Become a Macrobiotic Counselor

The Macrobiotics America – Macrobiotics Global 1-Year Counselor Training Program Online

If you would like to apply for one of the PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS that reduces the cost of the course from $3995 to $1995, please contact us here.

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Course Includes Live Online Interactive Multi-Media

Basic computer skills and internet connectivity are all you need.

Curriculum & Instruction designed by internationally acclaimed teacher and trainer, David Briscoe, honored in 2012 by Michio Kushi and The Kushi Institute International with an Aveline Kushi Award.

A training program with an international reputation!

Join students from around the world as you challenge yourself to learn, creatively apply macrobiotic principles, and develop practical skills in macrobiotic counseling. The certificate from this program can be acquired and used by any student in any country.

This course includes weekly live online group discussion with the instructor. Enjoy regular online interaction with students from around the world and  make international friends as a member of the Counselor Training Students Facebook Group!

What the students are saying…

“I have taken both Kushi Institute training Levels 1-3 and 4 advanced level classes, and David Briscoe’s Macrobiotics America-Macrobiotics Global Counselor Training Course so I can make a pretty good comparison. They complement each other in many ways, however I was pleased at the depth of David’s studies and not only his attention to basic principals being essential to macrobiotic practice and counseling, but his insistence that we know where these principals came from. David is generous with his time and knowledge beyond any other school’s founder and instructor that I have attended.” – Cynthia Vann, Prescott, AZ

 “If you are thinking about, toying with, the idea of signing up for the Macrobiotics America-Macrobiotics Global Online Counselor Training Course, I recommend that you DO IT!!  Taking this course has been a life changing experience for me on so many levels
There is an abundance of well-documented written material to help you thoroughly understand the macrobiotic theories. The main bonus, however, is the weekly, live classroom time with David Briscoe and fellow students.  David has such a humanistic, broad spectrum approach to dealing with student questions and helping us understand how to use that same approach with our clients. This is one of the best classes I have ever taken!” – Linda Becker, Bodywork Professional


“If you want to dive deeply into macrobiotics, David is your guy. You will swim in his wisdom, and come out refreshed, and ready to see the world through new eyes. After three minutes you will agree: David is authentic, sincere, wise, and compassionate. I worked very hard, but smiled the whole time. A perfect experience.” – Danny Kessler, Los Angeles, CA


“The Macrobiotics America-Macrobiotics Global Online Counselor Training Course  I took with David Briscoe was a life-changeing experience, and a delight!” – P.L., Florida


“In my experience of studying macrobiotic theory, different schools of macrobiotic thinking, diagnosis, recipes, and much more, this online course has been very convenient and worth all that it takes.  It also helped me more with the use of Internet and other electronic technology.  As a beginner in 2005 I enrolled in this online course with David Briscoe, a well known macrobiotic teacher, counselor, and cooking instructor for many years. And although when I started I had already read many books and practiced macrobiotics on my own since late 2003, deepening my study of macrobiotics online, through this course, has been a blessing.  I enjoyed the course and all its content, and I am looking forward to more from David and colleagues.” – N.F., Saudi Arabia

The course is organized into ten processes:

Process 1: Macrobiotic Healing Theory I
  • Early Roots of Macrobiotic Healing Theory
  • George Ohsawa’s Teachings on Health
  • Contemporary Macrobiotic Principles of Health and Well-Being for Today’s World

Process 2: Macrobiotic Healing Theory II
  • The Whole View
  • Natural Human Qualities
  • The Big Balance
  • Harmony with the Natural Environment
  • Our Ki Anatomy
  • Blood Quality

Process 3: Aspects of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Homeostasis
  • Blood Formation Theory
  • Introduction to Acid-Alkaline Theory
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Digestion
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Blood Sugar Metabolism

Process 4: Foundations of Macrobiotic Whole-Person Diagnosis
  • Developing One’s Perceptions
  • Strengthening One’s Ability to See the Possibilities for Recovery, Re-Balancing and Happiness in Oneself and Others
  • The Macrobiotic Meaning of “Diagnosis”
  • Constitution and Condition
  • Foundation of Macrobiotic-Style Yin-Yang Diagnosis
  • The “Four Seasonal Types”
  • Intro to Face Diagnosis
  • Eyes Diagnosis
  • Skin Diagnosis
  • Hands Diagnosis
  • Feet Diagnosis
  • Common Symptoms and Their Relationship to Internal Organs and Systems
  • Understanding Basic Aspects of Behavior and Emotions for Diagnosis
  • Personal Happiness: Family, Other Relationships, and Work

Process 5: Aspects of Food, Nutrition, and Macrobiotic Food Energetics

  • Essentials of Macrobiotic Nutrition and Modern Nutrition
  • Macrobiotic Food Energetics Fundamentals
  • Macrobiotic Food Pyramid
  • Basic Energetics of Cooking Styles
  • Macrobiotic Menu-Planning Essentials

Process 6: Basics of Home Remedies and Special Dishes
  • How to Prepare, Use and Recommend Essential Macrobiotic Home Remedies
  • Special Dishes for Common Symptoms and Conditions

Process 7: Building Macrobiotic Recommendations
  • How to Go from Diagnosis to Making Skillful and Clearly Communicated Macrobiotic Recommendations
  • Improving the Practicality and Doability of Recommendations
  • Menu Planning for Implementing the Recommendations

Process 8: Creating Practical Consultation Forms and Effective Educational Materials
  • Creating Your Own Consultation Forms
  • Producing Your Own Recommendations Booklet
  • Designing Consultation Support Materials

Process 9: How to Set Up Your Own Local Macrobiotic Counseling and Education Services Plus…Creating A Supportive Consultation Follow-up Service

  • Creating Your Own Counseling Practice
  • Legalities of Macrobiotic Counseling
  • How to Promote Your Counseling Service
  • Developing Your Reputation
  • How to Manage the Finances of Macrobiotic Counseling
  • Making Good Connections

Process 10: Consultation Practice Sessions
  • Entry-Level Consultation Practice Sessions
  • Consultation Record-Keeping
  • Consultation Follow-Up Practice

The student is given access to the course one Process at a time, in order to maintain attention to the sequence of learning. When one Process is completed, the student is given access to the next one.

 The individual pace of each student is honored. Each student completes the course offline at her or his own pace. The student has up to twelve months to complete the course material. It can be completed sooner if the student chooses. In some cases more time may be needed.

Learning Materials are presented via online readings, web resources and occasionally by online streaming audio and video. There are no books to buy. All materials are contained with in the course itself. Readings may be downloaded and printed for reading offline.

Live Online “Students’ Questions For Discussion” Sessions are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 10am at Pacific Time. The online discussion sessions provide an opportunity for the students to meet as a group with the instructor to discuss various questions they bring from their studies of the course material. The online group discussions are for all students no matter what Process of the course they are currently completing. Attendance at the weekly group discussions is not required.

The online discussions are not “classes” where the instructor lectures, rather they are opportunities for students to bring questions for discussion from their offline studies. The majority of the course study is completed offline, through the Process 1-10 learning materials, by the student at his or her own pace.

Online Office Hours are available weekly, after the live online group discussion sessions, for students to ask questions about course procedures, and to receive advice about their studies.  If a student is interested in private tutoring related to topics taught in the course, this can be arranged at an additional fee.

Software Programs necessary for the course are free and can be easily downloaded from the internet.

Computer System for accessing course materials can be Windows or Apple (Intel processor running OS 10.5+). The student needs to be able to send and receive email and email document attachments, and familiar with how to browse the internet.

 Live Online Weekly “Students’ Questions For Discussion” Group Sessions are accessible via iPads, iPhones and Android devices, as well as all desktops and laptops.

A Complete Online Orientation is given to each student via video demos prior to beginning the course. You are shown exactly how to participate in the online discussion, how to access the learning materials 24/7, and how to get set up for enjoying and benefiting from all aspects of the course.

The course may be started on the following dates:

January 15 

March 15

May 15

June 15

August 15 

September 15

October 15 

November 15

If you would like to apply for one of the PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS that reduces the cost of the course from $3995 to $1995, please contact us here.

Early enrollment is also possible prior to the Early Enrollment period. It is highly recommended that you register as early as possible during the Early Enrollment period to secure a place in the course. Starting the course at times other than the official starting dates is sometimes permitted. Contact us for more information.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy: The following refund policy applies to the student who has made the full tuition payment, or a deposit on the full payment (including any full Scholarship Discount payment), initiating enrollment, any time prior to the beginning of the course:

The tuition includes a $600 non-refundable Administrative / Online Technical Set-Up Fee covering the administrative and technical set-up process that begins immediately after enrollment. When the student sends a signed and dated formal written notice of withdrawal from the course before the starting date, a tuition refund minus the $600 Administrative/Online Technical Set-Up fee is made.  Please Note: voicemail message, email, Facebook message, Twitter message, text message, and phone call, are not accepted as formal notices of withdrawal.

If the formal notice of withdrawal is received within the first six months after the starting date, the $600 Administrative/Technical Set-Up fee and $400 for each month, or part thereof, of the first 6 months of enrollment will be deducted from the the amount you originally paid.

Please allow 8 weeks from the date of the announcement of withdrawal for the refund to be processed and sent. (The “date of announcement of withdrawal” is the postmark date on the mailed envelope containing the letter of withdrawal.)

Refund is not available when the course has been registered using a scholarship.

Mailing address:

David Briscoe / Macrobiotics America
720 Bird St.
Oroville, CA 95965

If withdrawal takes place after the first six months of enrollment, there is no refund. However, should the student want to place the enrollment on hold after the first six months rather than withdraw completely, it may be requested to resume with the remaining months of the course, within one year, at no extra fee.

Please Note: Like most schools’ tuition refund policies, ours is based on the actual time the student has been enrolled in the course, beginning with the first registration payment, not on the amount of material the student has covered or the level of participation in the course prior to withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who may apply for the 12-month course?

A: Anyone who is personally practicing macrobiotics and has a sincere desire to be of service to humanity may apply. Prior macrobiotic counseling experience is not necessary. Willingness to work hard, think for yourself, and to be highly self-motivated for independent study are a must.

The successful online student is a person who enjoys learning and communicating via online technology such as email, downloadable documents, chat room discussions, online bulletin boards, streaming audio and video, etc.

Q: How is it possible for the tuition for the Macrobiotics America online counselor course to be so much less than in-person courses?

A: We are happy to offer an affordable tuition cost so that more students can become macrobiotic counselors. Since we do not have the high expense of a large on-site staff, and also not needing to add charges for the maintenance of a physical facility, we can pass along big tuition savings to the students. You’re paying only for the education.

In addition, being an online course, there is no need for us to charge for housing and meals, allowing even more savings to be passed along to students. The students in our course further save by not having to pay for travel expenses and the many personal expenses of being away from home.

Q: How can I finish the Macrobiotics America online course in 12 months when the time to complete in-person certification courses usually takes much longer?

A: Our course allows the students to complete their studies at home, avoiding the time-consuming factors of adjusting their schedules and then traveling back and forth to a physical site to attend sessions that can sometimes be weeks or months apart. As a result, many students have shared that the amount of information and learning in our online course was actually more than when they took an in-person course, even though it takes less time to complete our course.

Q: Will I really be able to do quality macrobiotic counseling at the end of this course?

A: Yes, if you dedicate yourself, study hard, and have the true desire to be of service to humanity, you will be able to do quality macrobiotic counseling by the end of this course. Actually, students do macrobiotic counseling during the course itself. This is a practical course that is 100% designed toward the goal of eventually doing macrobiotic counseling, not just studying and thinking about it. Keep in mind that it will not be a certificate, the teachers you can name, or the amount of time studying that will determine your success as a macrobiotic counselor. It will be your spirit of service, dedication, hard work, on-going experience, endurance and compassionate realtionship with others that will build your practice, skill, and reputation over time.

Q: What is the difference between this macrobiotic counselor training course and other macrobiotic training I might find?

A: There are several good macrobiotic training programs. They all offer useful information and instruction. For our training program we only accept students who have the goal of being a macrobiotic counselor. It is not a general macrobiotic program. Our course provides focus on macrobiotic counseling, on-going support during the studies, a certificate of completion, membership in the world-wide association of Macrobiotics America trained counselors, regular opportunity for interaction with the instructor and other students from around the world, practical guidance for becoming a counselor, and support for establishing your own local macrobiotic counseling and education program. Macrobiotics America trained counselors who have distinguished themselves by hard work and service to humanity may be invited to teach and counsel at Macrobiotics America events in North America and elsewhere.

Q: What if I’ve already studied and/or graduated from a macrobiotic training program?

A: Students who received previous macrobiotic training elsewhere have expressed pleasant surprise that they learned so much that was new and interesting in this course.

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