Acid-Alkaline Health Made Easy

Acid-Alkaline Health Made Easy by David Briscoe

Following are the easy basics for understanding and applying Acid-Alkaline Health principles:

1.  In a healthy state, the human blood and the fluid around most of the body’s cells are slightly alkaline.

2.  Modern lifestyle factors, including diet, add extra acid-forming factors to the blood and fluid around the cells.

3.  When the blood has more of an acid load to deal with, the organs that eliminate it, the kidneys and lungs, and the internal system that neutralizes the acid, the blood buffer system, all become overworked
They try their best to eliminate the acid and neutralize it, but their capacity to do this is limited.

4.  When acid builds up in the blood and fluid around cells, a healthy alkaline state is difficult to maintain. Over time, acid builds up subtly but surely and weakens all the organs and immune system, causing changes in the internal environment that allows infection, inflammation and other symptoms to arise. A key sign of acid build up is fatigue. People who are always fatigued, usually have acid accumulation in the tissue and joints.

5.  Protein, fat/oil, simple sugar and refined carbohydrate are acid-forming. Therefore, foods and drinks concentrated in these will be very acid forming. Of course, we need protein, fat and carbohydrate, but consuming excessive amounts and poor quality foods, brings an acid load to the blood and the fluid around cells.

6.  Most of the diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc., have their roots in chronic acid presence in the blood, tissue and organs. Immune system disorders, mental illness, and many other health conditions that plague the modern world, have their beginnings in chronic acid build up.

7.  The most practical way to maintain healthy alkaline blood and alklaine fluid around the cells is through the selection and preparation of alkaline-forming foods. A macrobiotic diet, wisely and simply done, is an excellent way to maintain an alkaline condition. Contrary to popular opinion, whole grains are not acidifying when properly prepared, chewed, and complimented with foods such as vegetables, condiments, miso soup, pickles, sea vegetables and other alkaline-forming macrobiotic foods.

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