Definition of Macrobiotics

by Herman Aihara

“Macrobiotics amounts to finding our physiological limitations and trying to live within them. This is the cultivation of humbleness. When we think we can do anything we want, we become arrogant. This arrogance causes sickness.

  When we are living within our physiological limitations, then our spirituality is free. Macrobiotics seeks freedom in spirit. Freedom exists in our spirit, so we can think anything. But biologically, physiologically, we are unfree. We can wish to eat anything we want. But we cannot do it.

  Disciplining physical unfreedom is the foundation of spiritual freedom. God didn’t give us unlimited biological freedom, but appreciating and taking into consideration our unfree physical condition leads us to greater freedom, both physically and spiritually.” 


Above is the Macrobiotics America Food Pyramid as Taught in Our Classes and Counseling Sessions.

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