Where to Buy Macrobiotic Books, Foods and Cooking Utensils

If you can’t find macrobiotic foods, books and utensils at local natural foods stores, don’t worry. There are many excellent online and mail order sources listed below.

Online Resources for Macrobiotic Foods

Call and talk to our good friends, the Miller family, at Discount Natural Foods: 1-888-3929237 (www.discountnaturalfoods.com). They carry a complete line of macrobiotic foods.

Mail Order Macrobiotic Foods & Cooking Utensils

Gold Mine Natural Foods 7805 Arjons Drive San Diego, CA 92126-4368 Phone: 1-800-475-3663 Web site: www.goldminenaturalfood.com

Kushi Institute Store P.O. Box 500, Leland Road Becket, MA 01223-0500 Phone: 1-800-645-8744 Web site: www.kushiinstitute.org

Organic Produce

When you can’t find organic vegetables and fruits locally, you can order them from Diamond Organics:

Diamond Organics P.O. Box 2159 Freedom, CA 95019 Phone: 1-800-674-2642 Web site: www.diamondorganics.com

Natural Lifestyle 16 Lookout Drive Asheville, NC 28804 Phone: 1-800-752-2775 Web site: www.natural-lifestyle.com

Great Eastern Sun 92 McIntosh Road Asheville, NC 28806 Phone: 1-800-334-5809 Web site: www.great-eastern-sun.com

Water Filter

The finest counter-top water filter available, in our opinion, can be purchased from our friends at The Natural Epicurean in Austin, TX. They also sell hard-to-find kitchen utensils and macrobiotic foods:

The Natural Epicurean 17 Toomey Austin, TX 78704 Phone: 512-476-2276 Web site: www.naturalepicurean.com

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