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Personal Macrobiotic Consultations

The personal consultation is one of several important steps one can take when pursuing a macrobiotic lifestyle. In order to address the unique needs of those who seek our guidance we have designed the following seven traditional macrobiotic consultation options:

1.  The Essential Consultation

2.  The Healing Myself Consultation

3.  The CRS (Cancer Recovery Support) Consultation

4.  Women’s Self-Healing Consultation with Cynthia

5.  Pregnancy, Children’s Health & Motherhood Consultation with Cynthia

6. Introductory Macrobiotic Education Session

To schedule a consultation or session, please call (530) 521-0236 or email

1. The Essential Consultation

This consultation is for those without major health issues who want to make a steady transition to a traditional macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. After a preliminary phone or email discussion, David or his assistant will advise you as to whether or not The Essential Consultation would meet your needs, or if you should consider one of the other consultation options described on this page. In person or by phone, this consultation includes complete written recommendations, relevant special recipes and home remedies instructions, and other educational materials. The fee includes two pre-scheduled follow-up phone calls during the six weeks after the consultation. The Essential Consultation lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Essential Consultation can be done in person or by phone. Fee: $375 (includes the 1hr 15 minutes consultation plus two follow-up reviews during the six weeks after the consultation).

To schedule a consultation, call (530) 521-0236 or send and email to


 2.  The Healing Myself Consultation

This consultation is for the person with a major health concern other than cancer who is in need of healing-focused macrobiotic lifestyle recommendations. ( For those who are challenged by cancer we offer The CRS Consultation described down the page.)

During The Healing Myself Consultation you will gain an understanding of your condition from a macrobiotic view, receive detailed macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle recommendations for your personal needs, and be given special recipes and educational materials. Included in your consultation fee are two follow-up phone sessions with David Briscoe during the first six weeks after the consultation.

The Healing Myself Consultation is for those who need to immediately implement a traditional, healing-focused macrobiotic approach, rather than a gradual transition. (For those who have no health concerns and are seeking a more gradual transition to macrobiotics, The Essential Consultation listed at the beginning of this page would be more appropriate.)

If you have a major health concern and you want to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle, it is advised that you seek the necessary instruction and guidance from experienced macrobiotic teachers. Macrobiotic lifestyle changes can be unnecessarily difficult and time consuming if one attempts a self-healing practice without guidance and instruction. Uneducated and unguided attempts can result in misapplications of macrobiotics as well as unnecessary frustration. You are strongly encouraged to attend one of David and Cynthia’s 5-Day Steps to Health programs in order to receive the necessary instruction in macrobiotic self-healing skills, especially macrobiotic cooking.

Fee: $375 (includes the 1hr 15 minutes consultation plus two follow-up reviews during the six weeks after the consultation).

To schedule a consultation, call (530) 521-0236 or send and email to


3.  The CRS (Cancer Recovery Support) Consultation

The special CRS Consultation has been created for the specific needs of the cancer patient, especially the one who has had or will be having chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. A complimentary macrobiotic practice before, during and after medical treatment requires the educated and monitored approach that The CRS Consultation process offers.

In response to the many requests to create a program that meets the varied needs of a cancer recovery process, we have developed the The CRS Consultation to more fully provide a macrobiotic approach that supports the whole person as he or she undergoes medical treatments and other healing challenges specific to cancer recovery. Even if the person is not having chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, The CRS Consultation is essential for all those wishing to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle as they meet the challenge of cancer recovery.

To fully implement macrobiotic guidelines for cancer recovery requires far more than one consultation session. The consultation is but one step in what needs to be a well-rounded macrobiotic education. In addition to a consultation, the person challenged by cancer who wants to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle  should also receive the necessary education in macrobiotic self-healing skills including cooking, menu planning, and home remedies applications. These can be learned by attending our Steps To Health Intensive.

Special issues that will be addressed over time during The CRS Consultation process (when relevant to the individual’s need and condition): … Appetite … Weight Loss/Weight Gain … Fatigue … Pain … Worry … Anxiety … Family Issues … Adjusting Your Practice After Medical Test Results … Communicating with Your Family and Medical Team … How to Practice Healing Intentions During Your Treatments … Overcoming a Lack of Appetite for Macrobiotic Foods … Dealing with Cravings for Old Favorite Foods … A Successful Approach to Social Gatherings, Holidays and Restaurants … Traveling When Healing … Strengthening and Rediscovering Your Own Spiritual Roots

The fee for the 2hr CRS Consultation session plus four follow-up reviews is $475.

To schedule a consultation, call (530) 521-0236 or send and email to


4.  Women’s Self-Healing Consultation with Cynthia Briscoe  
The Women’s Self-Healing Consultation is for any woman who is wanting to go on a macrobiotic self-healing journey for  personal health and well-being. You can be brand new to macrobiotics or already practicing. Get individualized dietary, home remedies, and special dishes recommendations to help you most appropriately adjust a macrobiotic diet to meet your personal needs.
Fee: $375 (includes the 1hr. 15 min. consultation plus 2 follow-up reviews during the six weeks after the consultation).
To schedule a consultation, call (530) 521-0236 or send and email to
5.  Pregnancy, Children’s Health & Motherhood Consultation with Cynthia Briscoe

Receive complete guidance from Cynthia Briscoe on issues relating to macrobiotic pregnancy,  children’s health, motherhood and family. Cynthia is the mother of five children, all of whom experienced healthy macrobiotic pregnancies.

In this consultation, issues are addressed such as nutrition during pregnancy, family transition to macrobiotic eating, immunizations, breast health, hormones, menopause, fertility, and all other health issues related to women, children and family. Complete notes of recommendations are provided. .

Fee: $375 (includes the 1hr 15 min consultation plus two follow-up reviews during the six weeks after the consultation).

To schedule a consultation, call (530) 521-0236 or send and email to

6.  The Introductory Macrobiotic Education Session

This is a private, in-person meeting, phone session or Skype session with David Briscoe. Its purpose is to give you the opportunity to ask general questions about macrobiotics and to explore whether or not this is an approach you would like to pursue further.

Although David will not make personal and detailed consultation-style recommendations during this session, he will discuss the basic approach of macrobiotics and help you better understand what is involved. Fee: $125  for 1hr.

What you will learn in the session: * The basic macrobiotic philosophy of wholeness and natural living * The fundamentals of health according to macrobiotics * The essentials of the macrobiotic diet * The challenges and benefits of macrobiotic living

To schedule an Introductory Macrobiotic Education Session, call (530) 521-0236 or send and email to


Time-Saving Optional Menu Planning Service: After any of our consultations, you can sign up, at an additional fee of $350, for the Menu Planning Service to have your consultation recommendations organized into a complete 7-day menu plan with all the relevant recipes included, plus a specific shopping list for the menu plan, step-by-step instructions for cooking each meal, and much more! This can save you many hours of having to create a menu plan yourself. For more information, please visit the Menu Planning Service page.

How to Schedule a Private Consultation and Other Services

David and Cynthia Briscoe offer private consultations and other services In Person, on Skype, and by Phone. There may be a waiting list, so book your appointment at the earliest opportunity. To schedule a session, please call 530-521-0236 or email

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