3.  The CRS (Cancer Recovery Support) Consultation

The special CRS Consultation has been created for the specific needs of the cancer patient, especially the one who has had or will be having chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. A complimentary macrobiotic practice before, during and after medical treatment requires the educated and monitored approach that The CRS Consultation process offers.

In response to the many requests to create a program that meets the varied needs of a cancer recovery process, we have developed the The CRS Consultation to more fully provide a macrobiotic approach that supports the whole person as he or she undergoes medical treatments and other healing challenges specific to cancer recovery. Even if the person is not having chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, The CRS Consultation is essential for all those wishing to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle as they meet the challenge of cancer recovery.

To fully implement macrobiotic guidelines for cancer recovery requires far more than one consultation session. The consultation is but one step in what needs to be a well-rounded macrobiotic education. In addition to a consultation, the person challenged by cancer who wants to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle  should also receive the necessary education in macrobiotic self-healing skills including cooking, menu planning, and home remedies applications. These can be learned by attending our Steps To Health Intensive.

Special issues that will be addressed over time during The CRS Consultation process (when relevant to the individual’s need and condition): … Appetite … Weight Loss/Weight Gain … Fatigue … Pain … Worry … Anxiety … Family Issues … Adjusting Your Practice After Medical Test Results … Communicating with Your Family and Medical Team … How to Practice Healing Intentions During Your Treatments … Overcoming a Lack of Appetite for Macrobiotic Foods … Dealing with Cravings for Old Favorite Foods … A Successful Approach to Social Gatherings, Holidays and Restaurants … Traveling When Healing … Strengthening and Rediscovering Your Own Spiritual Roots

The fee for The CRS Consultation session plus six  follow-up contacts is $475.

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