2.  The Healing Myself Consultation

This consultation is for the person with a major health concern other than cancer who is in need of healing-focused macrobiotic lifestyle recommendations. ( For those who are challenged by cancer we offer The CRS Consultation described down the page.)

During The Healing Myself Consultation you will gain an understanding of your condition from a macrobiotic view, receive detailed macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle recommendations for your personal needs, and be given special recipes and educational materials. Included in your consultation fee are two follow-up phone sessions with David Briscoe during the first six weeks after the consultation.

The Healing Myself Consultation is for those who need to immediately implement a traditional, healing-focused macrobiotic approach, rather than a gradual transition. (For those who have no health concerns and are seeking a more gradual transition to macrobiotics, The Essential Consultation listed at the beginning of this page would be more appropriate.)

If you have a major health concern and you want to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle, it is advised that you seek the necessary instruction and guidance from experienced macrobiotic teachers. Macrobiotic lifestyle changes can be unnecessarily difficult and time consuming if one attempts a self-healing practice without guidance and instruction. Uneducated and unguided attempts can result in misapplications of macrobiotics as well as unnecessary frustration. You are strongly encouraged to attend one of David and Cynthia’s 5-Day Steps to Health programs in order to receive the necessary instruction in macrobiotic self-healing skills, especially macrobiotic cooking.

Fee: $375 (includes two follow-up contacts during the six weeks after the consultation).

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