Personal Macrobiotic Consultations

The personal consultation is one of several important steps one can take when pursuing a macrobiotic lifestyle. In order to address the unique needs of those who seek our guidance we have designed the following seven traditional macrobiotic consultation options:

1.  The Essential Consultation

2.  The Healing Myself Consultation

3.  The CRS (Cancer Recovery Support) Consultation

4.  Women’s Self-Healing Consultation

5.  Pregnancy, Children’s Health & Motherhood Consultation with Cynthia Briscoe

6.  Introductory Macrobiotic Education Session

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Menu Planning Service

1.  The Essential Consultation

This consultation is for those without major health issues who want to make a steady transition to a traditional macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. After a preliminary phone or email discussion, David or his assistant will advise you as to whether or not The Essential Consultation would meet your needs, or if you should consider one of the other consultation options described on this page. In person or by phone, this consultation includes complete written recommendations, relevant special recipes and home remedies instructions, and other educational materials. The fee includes two pre-scheduled follow-up phone calls during the six weeks after the consultation. The Essential Consultation lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Essential Consultation can be done in person or by phone. Fee: $375 (includes two follow-up contacts during the six weeks after the consultation).

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