Time-Saving Personal Menu Planning Service with Step-By-Step Recipe Instructions for Preparing Your Daily Meals

Time-Saving Personal Menu Planning Service with Step-By-Step Recipe Instructions for Preparing Your Daily Meals

Description of Personal Macrobiotic Consultations

Save time by having your consultation recommendations organized into a complete 7-day menu plan with all the relevant recipes. One of the biggest challenges a person faces is how to take the counselor’s macrobiotic recommendations and turn them into daily menus. This can sometimes take many days to do. But you can have this all done for you through our Menu Planning Service! You will receive the following:

1. Pre-tallied shopping lists for all the ingredients you will need for the menu plan. No need to hunt through consultation recommendations and recipes to search and tally what you need to buy. It’s all done for you!
2. Chart overview of the 7-day menu plan. See the complete 7-day menu at a glance.
3. A complete day-by-day menu plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. Step-by-step instructions for preparing each recipe for each day’s meals, organized meal-by-meal. Each meal’s sequence of cooking is presented clearly. You won’t find this kind of guidance and clarity of meal preparation from any cookbook!
5. Daily guidelines for using leftovers and preparing for the next day’s meals

An incredible time-saving service to help you build a solid foundation of macrobiotic practice. You can repeat the 7-day menu plan week after week, adding your own variations over time.

Such a detailed and organized menu plan with all recipes, shopping lists, charts and daily guidelines would take many days to put together on your own. Let us do it for you!

Fee: $350 if you have had a recent consultation with David or Cynthia Briscoe; $500 all others…yes, it’s THAT good!
Please allow 2 weeks for the preparation of the menu plan and all related materials.

To arrange for the Menu Planning Service with Step-By-Step Recipe Instructions for Preparing Your Daily Meals, please contact us:


Description of Personal Macrobiotic Consultations

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