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Time-Saving Personal Menu Planning  with Step-By-Step Recipes Guide to Preparing Your Daily Meals 

This is not your average menu-planning service.

Where to start? How to begin? What to buy? Where to buy? How to stock the kitchen? How to schedule daily cooking? What recipes to follow? How to prepare for the next day’s meals? How to use leftovers? What to do for meals away from home? What’s for breakfast?  How to schedule my daily meal time? What utensils do I need? How to store ingredients? These are questions commonly asked when starting a daily macrobiotic way of eating.

Taking a macrobiotic counselor’s recommendations and trying to turn them into daily meals with menus, all the necessary recipes, shopping lists, and a cooking schedule, can be a daunting task. It can be the cause of delaying one’s implementation of macrobiotics.

Let us help you save tons of time… and possible confusion… with  the most comprehensive macrobiotic menu planning, shopping, step-by-step personalized guide to daily meals available:
Time-Saving Personal Menu Planning with Step-By-Step Recipes Guide to Preparing Your Daily Meals






















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