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Become a Certified Macrobiotic Cook
for In-Home Care, Healthy Lifestyle Cooking,
or Macrobiotic Teaching (Online Study + In-Person Training)

Course includes the following:

Attendance at our Steps to Health and Advanced Macrobiotic Cooking courses, 6 months of independent, online study covering macrobiotic nutrition, food energetics, food quality and production, macrobiotic principles, and much more.
Each student chooses one of the three following areas of focus:

CAREGIVER COOK: Become skilled in macrobiotic cooking for a variety of health conditions. Learn to create menu plans for specific needs, create and prepare special dishes for healing purposes, and develop your own healing spirit.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PERSONAL COOK: Specialize in creating and preparing daily meals, party foods, holiday presentations, international meals, and impressive buffets for those in good health, and those needing a transitional approach.

MACROBIOTIC COOKING TEACHER: Focus on the creation and delivery of macrobiotic cooking classes in your local area. Learn to design courses, recipes, educational materials, promotion, and budgets for successful cooking courses.

Tuition: When received prior to or by the end of the Final Early Enrollment period, $3500 (includes the cost of the Steps to Health and Advanced Macrobiotic Cooking courses) ; $4200, regular registration.

The course begins three times per year:

October 15 (Early Enrollment Aug. 15 – Sept. 15)
March 15 (Early Enrollment Jan.15 – Feb. 15
July 15 (Early Enrollment May 15 – June 15)

It is recommended that you enroll as early as possible during the Early Enrollment period.
The number of students accepted for each course date is limited.
To register or for more information:

Call: (530) 532-1918


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