Home Study Certificate Courses

Certificate courses offer in-depth study through audio CDs, related readings, email interaction with the instructor, and self-help exams that can be returned for a Certificate of Completion. All materials are organized in a 3-ring binder and delivered by regular mail. Cost of the course includes mailing. These certificate courses are suitable for macrobiotic counselors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, body workers and anyone seriously interested in deeper study

The Big Balance (Certificate Course)

By popular request, David Briscoe’s best-selling audio classes have been developed into a complete home study certificate course with readings, lecture graphics, and self-help exams!

Considered one of the most practical and sensible audio programs related to health and well being, this complete course offers in-depth study of how consumption and elimination create balance at all levels of one’s life.

Along with the above mentioned learning materials, the course includes the following 6 studio-recorded audio CDs:

  • CD 1: Introduction To The Big Balance
  • CD 2: Big Balance Tools For Personal Health
  • CD 3: Be Kind To Your Kidneys
  • CD 4: Is Your Skin Doing Its Job?
  • CD 5: Keeping Your Lungs Clear & Healthy
  • CD 6: The Large Intestine: Keeping Yours Vital

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